Public facilities building of the eco-district at Jonction, Geneva
Location Jonction, Switzerland
Date 2012-2021

Open competition, winning project

Status Construit
Gross floor area 4'600 m²

Ludovic Durand
Julien Charmion-Henry
Candela de la Macorra
Grégoire Martin
Lionel Roullet

Yiqun Zhang
Jonathan Zwygart
Yann Bommelaer
Alix Houlon
Celia Laserna

Jon Onandia
Andrea Pellacani
Frédéric Toinet
Lucas Reif



Olivier di Giambattista

The project forms part of the eco-district at Jonction. This public facilities building complements the three existing residential units. Its programme includes a crèche, a sports hall, premises for extracurricular activities and a multi-purpose hall.

On the site, this public facilities building is organized according to the principle of differentiated, yet related blocks offset against each other. The building’s compact design frees up land for a high-quality urban public space within the new district. This square is in continuity with a series of urban open spaces that end at the corner opening onto the Rue des Gazomètres, thus creating a new entrance to the former Artamis site.

The project is distinguished by a large urban street frontage on the Boulevard Saint-Georges, highlighting its character as a major thoroughfare within the continuity of the urban fabric. The design reinterprets the principle of public bases with more domestic functions accommodated above.

The three architectural programmes have a very clear spatial distribution: the adult world (sports hall and multi-purpose hall) is located on the ground floor towards the earth and that of children above, reaching up to the sky. A large concrete platform structure forms a clear boundary between these two worlds. This platform also solves the issues of the large spanning distance by acting as a load distributing slab, as well as serving as sound insulation.

The crèche itself is shaped like a large brick-built house, raised on top of the platform structure. Organised around an inner courtyard open to the sky, this future Cité de l’enfanceevokes the sandcastles of our childhood. Like a small fortress in the midst of the urban environment, it represents a safe haven where children can grow and develop in the heart of the city.