Our aim is to create quality architecture that is both contemporary and timeless. Each commission is approached as a new avenue of exploration, without preconceived ideas, formal a priori, or advance knowledge of the final result. Listening to clients and their specific needs is an integral part of our research. Each project begins again at zero, forcing us to constantly challenge ourselves.

Central to our concerns is the establishment of a specific constructional system. Attention to detail and overall consistency are indicative of the quality found at each stage in the construction process. In today’s globalized and generic world, we strive to create buildings specific to each site and its uses. Our structures must be able to elevate and enhance every one of these always unique situations.

Company name Lacroix Chessex SA
Established 2005
Legal structure S.A. (public limited company)

Simon Chessex

Hiéronyme Lacroix

Ludovic Durand

Grégoire Martin


Candela de la Macorra

Carine Jaccoud

Areas of activity Architecture 
Urban development