House in La Capite, Vésenaz
Location Vésenaz, GE
Date 2020-2022

Direct commission

Gross floor area 362 m² utiles

Camille Cochet
Ameline Depover
Matteo Ciccarelli
Abdullah Mistofa Abdulahi


Olivier di Giambattista

This project is located in Vésenaz at Route de la Capite 159. The strip-shaped plot is typical of parcels in the area, and covers a surface of 464 m2 (60 m long and 8 m wide). Facing south-east / north-west and featuring a steep slope (8m), the plot provides the house – located on the highest point – with clear views on the lake and the Jura from its front garden. The street-side facade overlooks the protected area on the Route de la Capite.

The work involves renovating the existing building and adding an extension on two levels. Our approach is three-pronged, and aims to:

Restore the essence of the building’s original historical character and its architectural and spatial qualities.

Accentuate the privileged position of the garden and surrounding landscape by adding an extension creating living spaces in harmony with the existing spaces.

Propose technical and constructive solutions that enable a maximum of pre-existing elements to be preserved, while improving the general comfort and functioning of the future home.