Housing project for two cooperatives, Geneva
Location Geneva, Switzerland
Date 2018

Parallel study mandate (MEP), single-stage invitation for tender


Romain Dubuis

Grégoire Martin

Charlotte Prins

Dan Relecom

Camille Wernli

This parallel study mandate concerns the design of a joint project for an apartment block in the Vieusseux district for the SCHG and ARCHIPEL cooperatives. The building in question is located at the extreme southern end of a future residential complex. The requested programme includes intergenerational housing, comprising family apartments and shared flats for young graduates, as well as a space for activities on the ground floor. The general layout of the apartment block is designed to promote social interaction between residents and to allow for flexibility in accordance with each person’s lifestyle changes.

The issues of living together and the private sphere are resolved through a series of successive thresholds going from the public space to the private bedroom. This gradation of privacy, creating an effect similar to that of a Russian nesting doll, is an innovative exploration of the sharing of common spaces on several levels. 

The mixed wood and concrete structure has been designed to reduce the building’s energy impact, while at the same time guaranteeing its longevity. Brutalist architecture of the 1970s, in which everything was left exposed, is also revisited in this project.