Villa Sandmeier, Veyrier
Location Veyrier, Switzerland
Date 2011-2014

Direct commission

Gross floor area 150 m²

Ana Sa


Joël Tettamanti

This villa is located at the corner of a residential area and faces the rural landscape along the foot of the Salève. It is set in a staggered position on the plot so that it interacts only discreetly with the neighbouring early 20th century building.

The project was devised as a habitable structure rather than as a strong form. The villa, evoking the image of a pavilion in a Japanese garden, has three stacked, reinforced concrete raised platforms supported by panels of varying sizes and positions.

The first platform emerges from the ground and contains the cellar, technical facilities and spare bedroom. By slightly raising the ground floor, it creates a poetic relationship with the garden, while at the same time giving the house a monumental character. On the second tier are the living areas, while the third one accommodates the bedrooms in a traditional manner. The final level is an inverted roof that inclines towards the centre. The central fold is extended outwards by a channel that reinterprets the figure of the gargoyle and funnels rainwater into a recovery basin. This distinctive roof integrates the project into the wider landscape. A fourth, freestanding, yet similar raised platform is situated at the edge of the plot. It accommodates the garage and organises the entrance through the garden.